A Pleasant Reminder and an Introduction to Migrant Farm Work

“A lake house hobby home farm, that’s all we need. And a mountain.”  – Caitlin, Nora, and I, and Denise, with the memories of Ethan and TJ and I think even Sarah which… Continue reading

The Human Experience

Oct 11 (5 days ago) Hello Holly, Irum just informed us that she has reviewed your application and you have been accepted in the YTT in January. Regards, Rancho Margot   I predicted… Continue reading

Friendship and baking: Pie Edition

  Friendship and baking: Pie Edition.

Learning to Surf at 57, Day One

I will begin with a silly little video from Amsterdam Yea, it’s all about riding the wave.  What’s the wave feel like? Smooth and balanced and when you’re able to stand up-right it… Continue reading

Introductions, two decades divided, combined and slightly adjusted

b From the organic abstraction to the infinite unknown, I’m writing to tell you I believe in the bohemian dream, Yoga, The wild and free. After the words of the beats and the… Continue reading

The Farmer and the Monk

Being here always makes me a bit uneasy, especially since the last time.  Somehow it’s already been almost three months, and now I’m back here again, except this time heading somewhere I have… Continue reading

The Infinite Playlist

“You know, this is just one of those moments that I wish you could capture. I mean I know something like this will happen again in another time and place, but it still… Continue reading

Triple Berry Pie

mmI came home from work and she was making triple berry pie from scratch. We’ve got the scientific humanitarian, the artist that seeks to heals and her music man to teach, the writing,… Continue reading

Instant Karma

The melancholy of the after has been lingering in my throughout for some time now, and what I decided earlier this week was that I’m not going to let that be anymore.  How… Continue reading

Project Backyard

I was recently reminded of a quote, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.  It is our light, not our darkness,… Continue reading