It’s been decided, after all this indecision, and not knowing the next step, it’s finally been decided, we’re staying here. The hobby home farm has been given another year and a half, matching the… Continue reading

After the words of the beats and the gurus…

I’d like to share some words I found by Walt Whitman to be quite beautiful, 1 “I celebrate myself, and sing myself, And what I assume you shall assume, For every atom belonging… Continue reading

I work for the Universe

My life is epically metamorphosing; I am so pleased to find out that metamorphosis can be turned into a verb, though I would have been happier if it was metamorphosizing, but alas it’s… Continue reading

A lesson about getting what you want

5:25am Today has already proven to be most magnificent in it’s unusuality, it still hasn’t ended since yesterday.  This is what a dream comes true feels like, I’ve been asking for this much… Continue reading

Beans and Cornbread

I was sitting in the vegan cafe across the road and under the ground from the coffee shop where I work.  Cody from Bones, Jugs, n Harmony was with me and we were… Continue reading

Blue Ridge Mountains

Do you like it?                         Wait to answer, it’s too soon to tell.   Stay a while, play a while, sway a… Continue reading

Live Simple

This is a snap shot of how I was shown the world as a child.   It was the early 90s and we were driving around the parks in California in a pop-top… Continue reading

Time to open up

Thanks to my roommate Nora and her impeccable taste in music, I confess and aspire to The Best of Etta James. I have been having a lot of tension in my hips, I… Continue reading

Feed Your Head

We’re giving indoor gardening a shot, now that we’ve brought in the vegetable plants from the garden that are still going strong, i.e. two lettuce, two pepper, and four broccoli, we’re up to… Continue reading

The Flying Machine

Holly: Hey Nora, you want to free write for a bit? Then we can read to each other. Nora: Sure, that sounds fun. Holly: Just write as long as you need to, just… Continue reading