Breath of the Earth, Welcome


I envision that I am part of a universe,

and that my place is everywhere and that all things are included,

that I am on a constant journey and I do not end

I asked a friend roughly 46 days ago what the secret to bliss was, we were about to do yoga in the fresh air of the farm–

balance, in every way possible


 I take all the parts of me that fill me with light, and I devote my life to them in every way possible

as though, every moment is time for something and no thing is just any one thing

I told myself when I returned roughly 405 days ago that I would do that in order to move on forward

I was broken but I knew I could heal, I had to shatter, I see this now, so I could grow exponentially

and for that I am infinitely thankful but hurt not forgotten, and good thing,

the hurt remains me tender

I want to feel


 All I can know is roughly each day at a time

I stay steady with presence and flow with what is real–

every moment I can, I notice with regard, an actualization meant for my senses

that which I can experience, feel and try to understand, be moved by, and let go of

I absorb, I reflect

in and out

my body a breathe of the Earth

and my soul a radiation


 I often speak like a broken record, again and again:

 be yourself, be yourself to yourself, you are who you are and your heart is meant for wholeness and joy

be honest, your word and your ideas are the only reality you have,

your truth relies upon it

pursue what is good, universally good, because you get what you give, you are not alone

and we walk in spirals,

that life is perfect, the sequence sublime and always connected from the steps before

but never straight and every time I have to turn and it’s hard I think

for all I know this is saving my life

 I’d like to conclude with one final note,

there is war going on and it’s not healthy for living things, which we are

we can stop the violence, the greed, and corruption in everything we do every day

we can grow and not demand


 I strive to embody what I want to see, I believe in my connection to the Earth and that, that brings absolute peace,

because more than anything that’s what I want to see–

I am here now to live now, and I mean actually now, as in each breath at a time,

but I will still place buckets out to collect the rain I know will come









so what we are trying to do here is be a social movement and the closest to our beings we know

what we’ve done here is made a farmhouse from scratch in the middle of town off a busy street with the little change in our pockets

and what keeps us going is the pure, creative energy of our hearts and friendships, and hard work

we’ve got two chickens, three cats, four beds, countless companions in this project

roughly two years from sleeping on the floors,

welcome to the Rainbow Farm



*flower garden project: