Peace Spiral Magic


What if this hurts?

I looked at him, we looked at the ground, after we had already started down that path.

Or what if the universe is divine?




I accept

and can be total peace inside of my body,

my soul is immortal I once heard,

I am safe here I once read.


That thing that is said, I often proclaim and am again experiencing actively:

when one door closes another opens

and of that I am certain, absolutely certain,

I remember from all my life before,

the key is simply walking through,

there is light in the unknown, there must be.

The journey to the end is incrementally greater, I also remember this from so far.



My friend Truth told me about Earthing,

he kept saying Erting when he was explaining it, like the indigenous say it he said,

he refers to skin touching the soil and the grass

it can ground us, restore us to balance he says,

of course I believed him,

we are nature and this is our home. 


And maybe, or maybe absolutely,

when things seem to be going wrong

things are actually being taken care of for you.

Let go

close your eyes


spread peace and love because

you are it