The Dwelling Place


The sun’s rays caress my back with warmth through the tall window. Herbal tea swishes through my body, moving things along while providing essential minerals and vitamins necessary for proper function in a tired, physical body. Outside, a skinny squirrel skitters across the driveway, taking care to keep moving so as to avoid as much cold snow as possible. Perhaps the bony critter is short on food for this years hibernation, so today called for an immediate scavenge of the neighborhood cans and flower beds. Inside, kitties sprawl here and there, soaking in the comforts of home. Fuzzy blankets in conjunction with soft pillows create a welcoming bed for an early afternoon cat nap. Smiles wipe across my face. This spirit is beyond comfortable. Free to think, free to breathe. Free to relax and relish in the company of love. Able to reflect on experiences that were all part of the journey that eventually led to this moment in time. 

The road led west, and west it was

I got the call for Les Mis, the biggest of all

Dropping all plans for fall, I heeded that call

The seeker inside just had to abide

Abide to the promise I held dear inside

“Creativity has no limits.” And this was my time

To trust all that was within, and give this new place a spin

I drove and drove, jammin to tunes

From CDs, to IPod, to harmonica too

The long road lay ahead, promising to embrace

To take my next chapter and shake it up good

North of the city, that was the spot

Where I landed, with faces familiar

Old friends from a previous chapter

A chapter that ended in glory, and splendor

The new show was astounding

One for the books, imprinted forever

The days became free, the nights a clutter

Seven show weeks, one after the other

Must learn. Must immerse

Into the earth, to finesse craft and skill

A friendly farm found me

And took me to new heights, far and wide

Pigs, goats, sheep,

chickens, geese, and rabbits too

Working hard I got dirty

and learned appreciation for all around

I made friends of great value

And daydreamed of all I’ve known

Till the time was here

The time to rest up, reconnect, and reminisce

Of the months just past.

The place to breathe was clear

None other than this house, oh so dear.

The fire is inside, the searching is over

You control your path, so get on your way

The means are readily available, the keys by your side

What’s the wait? Take the ride!


Home. A place of nesting. Where one connects to the roots of essence. Like a battery charging, the body soaks up energy from this place. One is reminded of the fire that is ever-present inside. There is a support system here, one that holds you in your sorrows and joins you in your laughs. You come as you are, and you leave a brightly shinning star. This safe place reminds you of who you are, that which is beautiful. Friends cross your mind, memories a plenty, and you grin, laughing at how many years passed since you first laid eyes on one another. Completely innocent and unafraid, you confided in each others company and planted that seed. With copious amounts of trust and confidence, the two of you spiraled into an endless adventure with surprises around every corner. The foundation was laid. Now for the ride of a lifetime. You jump in, thankful for this kindred spirit that recharges and thrives in the same place you both call home.


In this place, all is love. Tapestries, sketches, photographs, paintings, prints, feathers, and curtains dress up the walls with inspiring color and  Bohemian flair. Plants, coats, boots, hats, sweaters, a hula hoop, yoga mats, a guitar, books, movies, paints, and rugs compliment the room with signs of life. The creators of this den dwell here too. Feminine beauties of grace and goodness. You’re sure to blink twice when in their presence, for you hope all is not a dream. Artists of science and sculpture, of coffee and cupcakes. Hair of shimmering gold thread and of gleaming onyx stone. The ladies greet others with a sense of community and oneness, encouraging all to lay down their load and join in on rejuvenating breaths of joy and gladness. A guest here is sure to wake up to the rings of a voice offering “Breakfast!” or “Need a ride?”Amidst these sirens of the noble sea, there is another. Our earth mother, living on the top floor, whose wit and uninhibited hippie soul always is ready to play along (“Go Figure”). One must be ready for anything when the earth mother comes around. You may fall into a jig of crazed dancing before even realizing your butt left the chair. Or a game of improv charades complete with a random, clearly phallic object, wondering who will throw in the first penis joke. “Sha-wing!” You’re bound to wet your pants while watering the plants, lose yourself in a story of the day, giggle while buttering corn bread muffins, and paint or pencil art to your heart’s content. Whatever the time, activity, mood, weather, company… you’re home. So rest up baby. Soak it up. The moment is precious, and this place astounds.

Groove baby groove,