Love, Your Farmer

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Dear Dharma,

Here I sit
in this vastness of time
causing no pain or sorrow
nor regret of decision
for this road is the one less traveled.
My, what a love affair I’m caught in!
One of joy
[oh yes], liberation!!
This vessel is free.
Free to dance,
to laugh and be
nothing but air, baby.
I am soaring
amongst energies
beyond satisfying
to my being.
Presence is key [and]
home is now.
An astounding triumph!

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Dear Ethan,

I’m so happy we can talk of such things of joy, about the sustaining glory of self love, about the full embodiment of one’s fire.  How uncomfortable it must be otherwise, to not live authentically as one’s fire, to talk about the kinds of things that are poisonous.  I could never go back to being contained.

I don’t want to talk about the war, unless we are condemning the act of war, of course; instead I want to talk about how to get this house running on rainwater.

And I don’t want to talk about the market in the air, how much money people are making or how I can be like them, what we can buy; why should I care about such silly things when money is such a silly thing, I find it entirely useless in comparison to creativity and practice of skill.

Instead I want to talk about starting the seeds soon and mapping the yard for the garden, so we can grow our own food, like you are there in Washington.  We want it to be better than last year which is why we were given this year, we get to try again, and we will get a next year too, so we better think ahead.  And I want to talk about starting a newsletter with my friends on natural healing and homesteading wisdom, because that seems like a good use and dispersion of energy.  And I’d like to talk to you about how your day was, how you used it to live for yourself and those in your environment.

I’m thankful to have touched the ground, to have been blown by the wind, to have basked in the absolute warmth and clarity of sunshine and clean air, to have had nature as my only companion for days, to have felt the open freedom of life and to have immersed myself in it.  There is nothing to be afraid of, no guns needed here, never in fact, this place will take care of us, if we don’t kill it first.  I will no longer support the mass murder, or at least I will do my best.

So how is the farm? I dream of the farm, though I love the little farm we started here, but still, I dream of the farm of my dreams for some day.  We will have goats, and chickens, and a garden so big that we can feed ourselves and all the people who we can share it with, money will be totally irrelevant to needs, and we will run on rainwater and wind and sunlight, because that is a real thing.  Everything we need is abundant, life give us everything we need if we spend our time learning the nature of things.  There is nothing to be afraid of, never underestimate yourself and what you can do with others and an open heart.  We can do anything if we try and if we work together.  We have been born to be and coexist.

Sorry, we keep playing phone tag, can’t wait to see you in a few weeks, until then, this is for you.