Come Unity

I embrace the silent and the still, the temporary solitude of this time of day where I am on my own and what draws my attention is the light reflecting off the trembling water glass.  Perhaps I should open the blinds for the plants; how else may I have noticed the light?


This could be written any given day.

I started the day early with the girls, Gus has become my new alarm clock around 730am but I try and wait until 8 and start slowly.  There is no room for thoughts of insecurities as I move forward in my day, I can only focus on the present; my actions are not to be doubted for they my stepping stones in my individuality.  Anyway, we made breakfast and tea and I edited my book, adding some illustrations, it’s now final touches time which feels good– but I feel comfortable sharing it with just about anyone, so if you are interested let me know and you can read it.  I know it’s done now because it doesn’t really hurt anymore, keeping all of what it’s come to be inside of me, it took a year and a half of dwelling on the fire though, I’ll talk about that later.

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I walked down to the coffee shop with Nora in our real winter wonderland here because it just keeps on snowing and snowing.  I was supposed to meet Yoga Teacher Mary this morning because I am helping her on Wednesdays, bartering my help in exchange for massage therapy.  She’s all about the flow and since it was snowing she said we should wait until after my class at noon to meet.  I like keeping my time flexible. I got more tea at the coffee shop since I’m temporarily, indefinitely off coffee and back on the tea train and I worked on some things and then I went to class.  Maggie was teaching today and she said our focus was fire and working through where it hurts or may be blocked, so that felt good because I have major stiffness in the back of my legs that I’m trying to take care of.  Her class is part of my weekly regimen, I want to try and start going to the studio at least three times a week now, but we’ll come back to that later.

After Maggie’s class I went over to the massage therapy spa, they do Reiki there too which I’d love to learn more about, and I did some work for Mary on the computer, website, social media, etc. I ate a packed lunch I made this morning which was fun because normally I just eat lunch at the restaurant but on this day I could make it myself.  Working at the studio is good for me, it’s a healthy environment and I feel cleaner and more pure as I immerse myself more into the world of natural healing.  I’ll be spending a lot more time at the studio this year because I’m doing work there, also, in exchange for free yoga practice.  I like it so much better this way, the human exchange– I rely on it in fact or I’d never be able to pay for it right now.  Student loans are a bitch and I’m sad for my generation’s, and I know not just mine’s, slavery to them.  That being said, I can’t imagine more money in my life making me any happier.  I’ve found my current purpose and myself in a world of personal relationships and interactions that seem meaningful and right for me, every little thing matters this way.

I welcome free time, quiet space, momentary and even temporarily prolonged alone time, for I welcome new thoughts, consultations with myself, recognition of myself, what I do and think and like and feel.  I welcome free space and time for the recognition of the rare and beautiful and profound, and all that exists outside of me.  I can thank walking for much of that, for the discovery of the joy in watching nature in action and what that can do for the spirit, life is free. I cherish this precious time to gather my thoughts and reflect upon my day so that I can remember what’s inside.  Namaste.