It’s been decided, after all this indecision, and not knowing the next step,

it’s finally been decided,

we’re staying here.

The hobby home farm has been given another year and a half, matching the time since this house project first began.  This house has gone through so many cycles of people since I spent my first night alone on the bare hardwood floor of what used to be my bedroom, that was the beginning of the transitional days.  But now we’re going for stability, we meaning the new, temporarily permanent household:  Me, Momma D, and my friends Nora and Caitlin

–plus we’ve got our cats, Gus, Frank, and Blue.

It’s been only a few weeks since we made the change.  Caitlin said she’d only move in if we were going to stay for a while and we knew that was the right direction to be moving in for all of us, to stay put.  It just made sense.  That would make it easy on Nora to go to grad school here, it would make it easy on Caitlin as she graduates and explores her first year of freedom, it would make it easy on me to fine tune my crafts and be a part of my new job and for us to grow a new garden in the Spring which we have every intention of making


I think committing to this place for a while will be good for me.  For me it promises the practice of healthy habits and the long term goals of the house can be achieved, like my old bedroom becoming a yoga studio and for a more farm-like homestead.  I had to do all that other stuff before now to learn what I need for this next phase, however, so it’s good it all happened how it happened.  Our timing to come together couldn’t have been better.

I moved down into the basement which has been most enlightening.  It has given me a creative space to call my own.  I now work underground and live underground, I find I thrive down here, like a root.

I’m so much like my father, I see that more and more as I age and have to work harder for greater results, and I thank him for preparing me for the challenges of life.  He always expected great work and wanted such things to be given time and attention to detail.  It’s taken a year and a half and all ten people who have lived here during that time to get the house to where it is now, for me to find my space.  Project Basement  has introduced me to home renovation as such a fun hobby.  It’s a pretty unfinished basement except for the paint job done by our friends that lived down there this past fall.  That alone was a huge step for me to be able to appreciate its potential.  Without that it was just concrete and cold and full of cobwebs and drafts and I couldn’t see the forest through the trees.

It’s taken work, it still needs work, the whole house, not just the basement.  But as I’ve discovered with the pursuit of natural energy, “choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”  Those are the words of Confucius, not me.  But, I love an ongoing project, I like returning to it to enjoy it over and over again.

I love it down here, the longer I stay in this house the greater it evolves.  I love this town, the same can be said for it. It’s nice to become familiar with a place, to connect and go deep like roots, to claim it as your place on the planet for now that is meant for you and your personal efforts as an individual.  That’s how the universe works.  Life is good, this is my home