Blue Ridge Mountains

Do you like it?

                        Wait to answer, it’s too soon to tell.  

Stay a while, play a while, sway a while.

“No, it’s nice,” he said,

and then we just sat and soaked it in together.

The soft melodies relax me, that’s why it feels so good. It’s the noise of the woodlands, or the romantic image I conjure up of what total peace may look like.  You know, tall trees, evergreens or redwoods, snow in the winter, that kind of thing.

Life as it is, is so, so beautiful.

The more I watch, and wait, and listen, and feel out, the greater the return.  Not everything is as it will be right away, they take time to really get into the song.

I’ve never been to the Blue Ridge Mountains, hiking the Appalachian Trail is a primary goal of mine, Ethan and I agreed this time last year that we would put it in our two year plan.  Big project, bigger picture.

I’ve found that often times if I express aloud the things that I hope to achieve, they seem to have a greater chance of happening.

A hike like that takes months, hiking the entire trail.  It becomes your life, that is what you are alive to do during that time, and what an exciting prospect.  There are so many ways to go about living, I mean, just me alone, I know like seven or eight different ways to make a cup of coffee.

I attribute just about everything in my life to something that someone else has brought into it.  My wonderful mother showed me this over the summer: how to make a cup of coffee using an egg.  Little project, day to day.