Live Simple

This is a snap shot of how I was shown the world as a child.  


It was the early 90s and we were driving around the parks in California in a pop-top Volkswagon van, camping by way of the Boy Scout handbook, learning to tie square knots and drawing sundials into the sand to tell the time.  I can thank my father for that, my mother too of course.  I find it so romantic, only wishing I could experience it all over again as I am now, free and on the road to see the land.  Perhaps that is my second greatest inspiration.  

Nature is my greatest inspiration, undoubtably so.  I’ll warn you now, though, this story does not have a conventionally happy ending.

I seek a way to live a life most natural, I know I say that so much but I can’t seem to express it enough.  This time I mean it in a way that I wish to be surrounded by nature as much as possible.  

For that reason I have been a walking enthusiast this fall,  a practice that will forcefully continue on into winter as I do not have a car and biking will be too cold for me to see a value in the less time it takes when I can walk there in fifteen minutes and not have to experience bitter wind chill.  That was a strategic choice all along when we picked this house.  Being outside is inherently a part of who I am and what I need to be happy.   

I think all the time lately where I will settle and I know that when it’s time to leave Urbana I will need a more natural setting, mountains and woods and rivers and dessert and more mild winters.  I think I will need to head out west, I’ll find the right place when I get there.  I’m not there yet though.  

In the glorious mean time, Urbana suffices with more parks than I can count on one hand within a reasonable walking distance of my home.  I really am so satisfied with what I have for now.

Henry David Thoreau is one of my greatest inspirations, Leo Tolstoy as well, and I recently discovered another writer in Lebannon whose writing I want to share here: Live Simple-through him perhaps you can discover some other great pieces of writing in the world.

We are going to be killing the chickens soon.  They have stopped laying eggs and predators are starting to attack them one by one.  We are down to two from five and from other chicken owners in the neighborhood that I’ve talked to, it’s that time of year.  I hope to join up with some more experienced acquaintances for this upcoming venture, we will use the chicken for our Thanksgiving feast I think.  Last year all four of our chickens fell prey to winter predators, I think it’s going to be better if we kill the final two before the inevitable happens.  Somehow I still feel guilty about sharing these words preemptively with the world, but this seems to be something we need to see and do for ourselves.

Peace and love to all