The Human Experience

Oct 11 (5 days ago)
Hello Holly,
Irum just informed us that she has reviewed your application and you have been accepted in the YTT in January.
Rancho Margot

I predicted all of this might happen, that I’d be heading back to the farm, that I’d make yoga my life, and that’d I’d be learning from my winter woes of last year and traveling with the sun after the holidays, at least for a little while.

I saw how it could all come together and I made it happen.  I’ve been trying to harness my energy lately, to push myself to be better and stronger, more reliable and productive, to myself and those that are in my life, which inherently effects the entire Universe.  Have you heard?  It’s time to be aware of who I am, what I witness in the world, and all the things I am meant to do to bring it all together.  I know there are more scattered pieces to the puzzle that create the masterpiece of life.

That’s not to say that I am unfulfilled with the day-to-day, by who I am and what I do now, absolutely not in fact.  I know that I am given each day to help me achieve the things that I have envisioned over my years.  I’m talking about my goals that I have been tabulating for I guess as long as I can remember, even if not on paper, but those ideas that you tuck away in the back of your mind in the bank of possibilities.  They never really go away, you just have to wait until you see where they come up later on and decide when it’s your time to make it happen.  It all comes ’round, are you aware?

When I was a kid I wanted to be an artist, in high school I wanted to be a writer and a teacher, in college I wanted to travel the world, and before I die I want to reach my full potential.  But for now I pursue the life of a naturalist, I’m doing it already in the ways that I can at the point at which I am in my life.  I’m getting there, but growth takes time and as long as I’m honest with myself that I am doing my best in taking care of myself on my journey then I am utterly fulfilled.  Here marks the new year of The Chakra Project, here are the stories that come from the contunous discoveries of every single momentous day of the human experience.  Namaste, spread smiles