All is Love

I came here because I love them. We all play a different role, and neither one has more weight than the other, as we are companions. It’s an expansion upon what I once described as me and Ethan’s relationship, finding people to share life experiences with, acting as partners in life…loving each other profoundly, admiring each other, encouraging each other, inspiring each other, a lot, and living for and supporting each other in every way possible.  If it wasn’t for them, I would not be here today, living so happily as I am, and perhaps nor them, who knows, but it’s likely the case, because we rely on each other and that’s why we care.

It’s all for love, of ourselves and each other, and all that that entails, which is the entire universe.  As I spend my final days with Michael and Asher, and Asher’s family on our little farm in the Netherlands- the place half way across the world that I have been living in a five week day dream- I realize more than ever that I came here following a connection of things and people that I love.  That will never end, because it’s in pursuing things that I love that i find myself propelled in a direction of happiness, for

all is love.  Ethan showed me this idea long ago, and with each passing experience its engrained in my skin more than ever, just like how it’s engrained in his.  This is his birthday present, one day late. 

We leave bright and early from the farm tomorrow to head to Oerol Festival for a weekend of camping and music and the Dutch islands and a totally crazy time, and then I’m back