with bees, butterflies, dragonflies, and flies,

This is the Being Beings story, at least the part where I come in.

Episode one.

“Yea we all shine on, like the moon, and the stars, and the sun.”

-John Lennon, “Instant Karma”

It was September and they were barefoot and I was bringing them coffee on the patio outside in the fading summer sun.  The occurrence I’m talking about wasn’t the first time I had met them, sometimes I don’t even think it was the second.  Things always seemed too familiar, like we had met in recurring dreams, or maybe even in a past life that I can’t remember.

But I do know for sure when we had first met, in this life that is, it was two weeks before. I had been taking out the trash at work, they were sitting outside writing songs, and we all met eyes and smiled and I remember feeling my stomach full of butterflies because I was somehow connecting with two of the most beautiful people in the whole wide world, and for those few moments I forgot all about the things that were broken.

That same night, I met up with Chad and Anastasia for some drinks downtown.  They were a pair of punk bakers in love from the coffee shop where I worked.  We were sitting outside and the air was cool when I saw them coming down the street, barefoot and long-haired and smiling and beautiful.  We all recognized each other from earlier in the day, we were bashful in knowing so, as people usually are when they meet again like this.  They told us their names, they said they were in town from Chicago, just for the day.  They asked if they could join us for a drink, and as they were inside ordering beers, I ran away.  I was in love with a boy then, a boy who had me so in love with him, I ran away from two of the most beautiful boys in the world so I could tell him goodnight.

As they were inside, I looked down at my phone and noticed only two minutes remained to catch the last bus to Urbana.  So without saying goodbye, I ran down the street to the bus station, leaving behind those two beautiful boys whose names I had already forgotten, not realizing that in a few short, unassuming weeks, they would be back to turn my world upside down and inside out and shoot be around the world.

We would soon by flying, and we still are. Come fly with us,