I think this change in scenery calls for my quarterly pronouncement of all the things I am thankful for; I made this on the train ride from the airport to Lengfeld, Germany, where I now reside on a beautiful little farm for the next beautiful little bit.  I try to do this as often as possible, just a free flow of thought and appreciation…

“I’m thankful for trains, colors, sunshine, youth, my body and its abilities to climb and walk and stretch and write, and see and hear and feel, all sensations and emotions.  I am thankful for flowers and bees and elephants and goats and chickens and donkeys and rabbits.  I am thankful to speak English, I am thankful to be able to hear other languages, even if I do not understand.  Sometimes it is better that way because then it sounds like music.  While I’m at it, I am thankful for music, like folk and blues and rock and roll, and spanish guitars, and bass guitars, and sitars and wind chimes and oboes and saxaphones.  I’m thankful for all the diversity in the world and opportunities for international exchange.  I am thankful for healthy food like fruits and vegetables and whole grains and nuts and seeds and tomatoes and bananas and apples and beets.  I am thankful for birkenstocks and dresses and sweaters and scarves, my mother, my father, my sister my brother, and all my family, by blood or by friendship.  I am thankful for tea and coffee and herbs and spices.  I am thankful for my roommates and Being Beings and everyone who has ever paid me a compliment or even a smile.  I am thankful for toes and soil and incense and trees and yoga and hammocks and freedom and art and love.  I am thankful for nature, and mountains, and running water, and birds chirping and seeing flower pedals blow in the wind.  I am thankful for happiness.”