According to my sources….

My calendar reads, Tuesday, January 29th 2013: “I am filled with gratitude for all the blessings of my life.”

How true.  This inspirational calendar, which came as a gift from my friend Hanna reminds me that Life really is nothing but one continuous gift after another, from the very start.

I was born and the first gift of my new existence was my name, Holly.  I recently met a man on an airplane who told me I was the first Holly he had ever met.  I actually wasn’t that surprised to hear this, because I haven’t met that many Holly’s in my life either.  He told me that he’d forever associate the name Holly with me, I suppose I do that too, but my reasons are a little more obvious.

I recently learned the meaning behind my name in a book of Natural Healing Wisdom and Knowledge that Ethan owns.  Every time I’ve ever looked up my name in the past, I’ve usually found uninspired meanings, like, of or pertaining to the holly berry plant.  I recently stumbled upon the meaning of the holly berry plant in this book, and it’s “floral essence” was explained to me as such:


Scientific Name: Ilex Auifolium

Energy Vibration: Divine love

“Holly assists us to open a deep inner love that all possess within, as it releases these negative states of mind [hatred, suspicion, envy, jealousy, and rage].  This flower essence aids in releasing very negative and poisonous emotions, as it frees our true, loving nature, making forgiveness possible.”

I can only hope that the way I live my life allows for my floral essence to fully emerge, as I bloom with time.  It’s only Tuesday, January 29th, 2013, after all.

It’s been great being grounded back in Urbana, after a recent trip out to Southern California to revisit my roots, and before my big trip to Europe that is rapidly approaching. This extra time before traveling has been so valuable, as I’ve been able to reinvest myself in myself.  Those activities and values that I find essential to my center, like waking with the sun, daily yoga, walking, creating, healthy living, reading, and ample time with friends and family, have been the fulfillment of my days, and it feels really good to reestablish these parts of my code of being, before departing into the unknown.

I leave for Stockholm, Sweden on March 18th, a wonderful six weeks from now.  My friend Kyle recently wrote in his blog ( about establishing an inner code to guide ourselves as we journey through life.  He is a 21 year old yoga instructor, currently embarking upon an adventure through India.  His words mirrored my own thoughts, I couldn’t help but only slightly modify his code in creating my own.

1) Appreciate each day 

2)  Be open to any new idea

3) Exude positive energy

4) Love yourself and spread your love

5) Keep your temple (body) pure and fit

6) Breathe, meditate and rest daily, even if only for a few minutes

7) Do something creative each day

8) Read something each day

9) Accept the flow of life,  and grow with that flow

10) Be inspired

I’m not sure what the calendar will say tomorrow, or March 18th, or what will come between now and the next recognizable moment in time.  But I trust in the natural flow of things to prove their own perfection as the unknown unfolds.  I think that’s part of making life more enjoyable, the letting go part, and finding meaning and appreciation in what remains.  I wish to infuse my life with meaning and appreciation, to see the beauty or purpose in everything.

Today is Tuesday, January 29th, 2013.  What a wonderful world.

Happy Birthday Asher ❤