Introducing Being Beings

Last September, I was introduced to Being Beings.  It was a slow Sunday afternoon at Espresso Royale and I was taking out the trash, they were barefoot, drinking coffee and writing songs.  We smiled and said hello, their names were Asher and Michael.  As they sat on the sunny Urbana patio, they told me how they had come down from Chicago to Urbana for two weeks to write an album.  As the days passed, they continued coming into the coffee shop, each time inviting me to come shake some noise makers with them.  After days of building curiosity, I set out from my house to see what they had been creating in Asher’s boyhood home.  That night I walked in the makings of what has evolved into their complete album.  It’s now here for you to love, so please check out and support this awesome, groovy music that my friends made!


It’s the beginning of something beyond our wildest dreams.

Our wildest dreams are actually beginning.

The real is surreal,

everything means something,

no sooner should we revel.

Feel free,

for we are all

we are all sunflowers and supernovas.

we are all waterfalls and diamonds.

we are all magnetic and contageous.

we are all one of a kind.

we are all of one kind.

we are all energy.

We are all free.

So feel free

to groove, and float, and wonder.

Feel free

to occupy and absorb.

Feel free

to naturalize, and harmonize, and realize.

Feel free

to love, and enjoy, and marvel.

Feel free

to feel,

for we are all feeling,

and being,

being beings.