The Chakra Initiative

I’ve debated since beginning the blog as to how far I would go into what Chakras are, and how I understand them to be significant.  I only came across an explanation of the word about a month ago, in flipping through one of the many coffee table books that have trickled into our apartment.  This one was Ethan’s, on Kundalini yoga, the type that I am currently teaching myself, and now some of my friends, at home.  Up until now, the yoga I have learned has been much more focused on the physical well being, whereas this kind is more focused on mental well-being, and tranquility.  Ideally, through yoga you can achieve both, a personal goal of mine.

As I was reading, the idea of Chakras was explained.  I am terrible at explaining things conceptually, so bear with me.  Chakras represent our natural flows of energy, as human beings in the world.  Presumably, the more in touch we are with ourselves and how we fit with the flow, the more fulfilled we are, because ideally, that means we become one with what we do.  For me, that has become very important as I am exploring how to live my life independently, healthily, sustainably, and most importantly, meaningfully.

To me, Chakras represent how I think I can achieve this for me, which is through physical well-being, i.e. eating healthy, and wholesome foods, learning about proper nutrition, and spending time being active and outdoors, allowing myself to explore new things and experiences, filling my life with positive, supporting, and loving relationships and interactions that allow me to grow freely and most blissfully.

But this doesn’t have to be anything about Chakras, it’s mainly about finding what drives your happiness and giving it some consideration.