The World According to Holly and Ethan

Having taken some time to find a natural cycle of life, I now feel the need to discuss the transitions and experiences I am going through, on a personal level, which have led to the conclusions that now drive my actions.  I’m currently in the process of building my life up from scratch, I’m calling it the Chakra Project.  This being my first real project out of school, it’s hard to find total clarity of direction or intention.  I’m no longer driven by grades and deadlines, I now run on my own clock, by my own motivations and whims.  The free lifestyle I have lived over the past couple of months has been utterly invaluable.  I’ve felt like a real person, I’ve had a taste of true humanity, and spent time amidst an array of personalities and interests.  I’ve been living in a way where I’ve allowed myself to breathe and explore new things, on my own, continually learning at my own pace.  Living simply has been so delicate, so sensational, and so raw.  It has brought me closer to who I am, and has allowed me to enjoy the gratifications that come from following my heart, letting that be my main source of motivation.

Since graduating in May, my life has had no definite path, which has given it a chance to unfold naturally and through my own understanding.  It started out with me and Ethan’s road trip out to Montana.  With little to no plan, we hit the road out to Montana, in search of “truth, beauty, freedom, and love”.  The Bohemian Laws of the Universe brought us all of those things.  Seeing pristine nature, being a part of it in our most unassuming human forms, changed our lives.

It’s amazing what being in touch with nature can do for your heart, at least what it did for ours. We grew to appreciate all life, all Earth, as our true home as human beings.  It reduced our needs and wants to nothing more than peace and serenity, so all life can function together as it naturally should.  We grew to find natural wonders as a humbling, yet infinite source of love and fulfillment, kindness and forgiveness, wisdom and inspiration, in it’s simplest state of being.  That included us, we all are natural wonders, and we are all capable sources of love, fulfillment, kindness, forgiveness, wisdom and inspiration.

During that road trip we allowed ourselves to just be, in the present, expecting nothing from each other, or anything, and we realized that brought out the best in us.

“Don’t think about all those things you feel.  Just be glad to be here.”

We felt so alive and full of love and happiness just spending a week amidst trees and flowers and mountains and vast, untouched landscapes, making the essence of life seem so simple and beautiful when left alone.  All those impending complications and cruelties of “the real world” seemed so insignificant.   this was the real world, and it was so beautiful, it was more than enough. We wanted to just get back to the simplicity of life in order to feel connected to it, to each other, and all that we came into contact with along our journey.

Through opening up our hearts to the universe, our lives became enriched by everything that came upon our unpredicted, and unassuming horizon.  We have since come to believe that everything is connected through love, deserves love, and all we know and see is held together by love.  Now it is our turn to do something great.  Now it is time to change the world, our world, to make it beautiful.  For me, this blog will try to encapsulate how I am doing that. It’s been an ongoing journey for a little over a year now, with my current chapter coming to a close.  I will try and bring you up to speed on what has unfolded in this life story of mine, before I take the big leap into the next chapter.

Along the way, I encourage you to take a breathe to connect with your self.  Love your self, embrace your self, find your bliss and follow it.  Trust that everything will fall into place, everything is significant, everything deserves love.

Breathe, connect, embrace, love.

May 21st, 2012

On my 22nd birthday

I love me

Me and Ethan are so beautiful

I can coexist with Ethan

I expect nothing from Ethan except pure Ethan  

And from there began The Chakra Project.