Breath of the Earth, Welcome

I envision that I am part of a universe, and that my place is everywhere and that all things are included, that I am on a constant journey and I do not end… Continue reading

My Sister Speaks

The second harvest from The Rainbow House Farm

Rainbow House Farm Begins Its Own Story


Peace Spiral Magic

What if this hurts? I looked at him, we looked at the ground, after we had already started down that path. Or what if the universe is divine? — Inhale. Blink Exhale. —… Continue reading

I Am Love

I’m very inspired by the people around me, I’m very much interested in the things we do together, they are a part of my own realization. Nora and I stayed up late, this… Continue reading

The Dwelling Place

The sun’s rays caress my back with warmth through the tall window. Herbal tea swishes through my body, moving things along while providing essential minerals and vitamins necessary for proper function in a… Continue reading

Love, Your Farmer

   Dear Dharma, Here I sit in this vastness of time causing no pain or sorrow nor regret of decision for this road is the one less traveled. My, what a love affair… Continue reading

Come Unity

I embrace the silent and the still, the temporary solitude of this time of day where I am on my own and what draws my attention is the light reflecting off the trembling… Continue reading


   I’m writing to tell you something I’ve learned that I can only relate to a universal incentive,  you get what you give, or in other words, what goes around comes around, or… Continue reading


I embrace my life’s evolution.   — We call down grace, and gaze without wavering into the fires of creation. We find the place where love embraces fear, and tears taste like faith.… Continue reading